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What is filigree?

Filigree, on filigree engagement rings, is ornamental metal work that either resembles wire or, perhaps, vines and ivy. Think of filigree in terms of beautiful drapes on a window verses the walls that hold up the roof of the house. Everyone loves great decor. Not everyone fully appreciates the drab structure that holds up the roof!

If your filigree engagement ring is riddled with beautiful filigree, just make SURE the ring has structure! Otherwise you have a beautiful tent, not a beautiful house. Which will stand the fierceness of a storm, or the crushing power of a heavy snowfall?

Here are some things to consider and watch for, if filigree is your preference in the style of engagement rings.

  • As we just covered- make sure it has solid structure!
  • Make sure you are not over paying for it


There will be more information in the following pages in regard to determining actual worth of an engagement ring; but I will briefly touch on it now and offer links to the more in depth pages- if you want to skip around.


Precious metal is sold by weight. The heavier the ring, the more it will cost AND the longer it will last. Filigree is full of air space…. not a very heavy substance. Why pay extra for air?

Why are filigree engagement rings as expensive as or more expensive than, other styles?

Great question. There is more to the price of jewellery than simply materials. This is especially true with handmade engagement rings. Other price determining aspects are: design, craftsmanship and labour.

Let’s just quickly look at labour cost, for now. Filigree is harder to create, causing more man hours. It has to be designed to be eye pleasing- which takes not only skill but time to perfect a pattern. Once it is created, it has to be polished…. cracks, crannies and backgrounds are very hard to polish. They all take time!

So how do you, the engagement ring buyer, know whether a filigree ring is priced high because of labour? Answer these questions to help:

  1. Is there only some filigree or is the ring covered
  2. does the design have lots of air space, or is it solid

When I design a custom engagement ring, for a customer, I include the design price in the quote. This way you can see the amount of labour that goes into the price. I also include the weight of the precious metal and the cost of stones. A detailed quote is by far the best way of knowing if you are getting what you paid for!