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Trade-In-Upgrade from Fake Diamonds

Fake Diamond Rings – A Buyers Opportunity

Let’s face it, fake diamond rings get a bad rap. But what if I told you that it is EASY to turn a fake into the real thing…? I’m not talking about magic, either.

If there’s anyone out there that knows what it is like to want to be engaged, but can’t afford the real thing, it’s me! I was 23 years old and self employed when I met my wife-to-be. I wish I had options! Actually, if I hadn’t been so broke I would have never gotten into goldsmithing- I made her engagement ring! Read more about me.

Solution to Inexpensive Engagement Rings

We’ve been married for 14 years and we are finally financially established. Now we can afford a proper diamond engagement ring! But what about the one I gave her 14 years ago? I don’t like the idea of melting it down and making a new one—although I could :)

Here’s the solution that worked for me and can now work for you:

Start with a handmade custom engagement ring. Spend the $1000 to get a unique ring; but, instead of making payments on a diamond that you can’t afford (right now), have lab created diamonds mounted in it. I don’t offer fake diamond rings, but I do offer stones with similar characteristics — they won’t chip or scratch and they sparkle, too! The ring itself will be top quality and if you take advantage of my Trade-in-Upgrade option- your custom engagement ring will eventually be every bit as good as she deserves. Get the high quality look and feel at a fraction of the cost… and upgrade in 5-10 years when you can afford it!

Read on for how this option works…

Trade-in and Upgrade

I keep good records of all my customers. If you purchase a moissanite or topaz engagement ring from me, at any time, down the road (when you are financially fit), I will buy the stone from you at 100% of the price I sold it to you! The only catch is, I have to have sold you the original ring and stone, and you have to replace it with a diamond (of your choice) from me. as long as it is the same diameter so I can reset it easily.

What a great anniversary present! One, ten, or even 15 years down the road..!