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­­Topaz is an inexpensive gemstone that comes in many colours. In the following colours, there are many shades available: Dark blue up to pure white, yellows, greens, browns and even reds. The chart below shows many of the colours readily available for all my ring designs.



Topaz is a translucent stone, meaning it is partially see through. As such, it has the ability top reflect and refract light, causing it to sparkle. In recent years, we have learned how to enhance topaz’ natural colours using heat treatment and irradiation. Blue topaz rarely occurs in nature, and when it does, it is usually pale and unstable. Using these new treatments, we can now enjoy the rich blues and yellows. Many pink topaz is also heat treated to bring out an even brilliant pink. Mystic topaz are synthetically coated with a metallic film over the face of the stone to create the rainbow/prism effects.



Topaz has many desirable character traits making it an ideal stone choice for handmade engagement ring:

-           Most importantly, it comes in many colours, making it ideal for matching with other jewellery or other items in the wardrobe.

-          Secondly, it is very affordable and can boast a large centre stone at a reasonable price.

-          And thirdly, it is resistant to solvents and chemicals and is relatively durable.


Topaz has some characteristics that need to be remembered as well:

-    It has an mohs hardness of 8. This makes it harder than emerald, amethyst and garnet. However, it is not as scratch resistant as sapphire, ruby and diamond. Because of its slight tendancy to scratch, make sure you take off your topaz jewellery when working in the garden or working physically with your hands!

-   Topaz is “cleavant” meaning it produces beautiful cuts and polishes, but this also makes it prone to cracking and chipping- especially if dropped from a height onto a concrete or tile floor!



All in all, topaz is an excellent engagement ring stone choice. It is beautiful and cost effective, and will withstand years of service if cared for. I recommend topaz to many of my customers especially those looking for bright flashy gems and those with a tight budget  J