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 Build-up Tips, Prongs and Channel Settings


to go back to repairs to your previously owed jewellery


Special Information

 The different prices listed below are to:

   A.     Build up the tips/prongs

   B.     Check the stones for tightness and if any are loose, we will tighten them and may guarantee their loss for one year from the date of pickup.

   C.     Rhodium plate white gold rings after sizing to give them a “Platinum” like coating, thus making the white gold ring whiter and more resemble plati­num.

The prices are devised by how many stones we will check, tighten and possi­bly guarantee. If the customer does not want their stones checked, tighten and guaranteed or if they do not want their white gold rhodium plated:

 Mark the envelope: “No Guarantee on stones loss, customer did not want to have stones checked and tightened.” or “Do not Rhodium Plate.”

Our complete guarantee and warranty is outlined here.