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Stone Loss Guarantee Qualifications


The qualifications for the stone loss guarantee:
  1. If ring has prongs, it must have a minimum of 4 prongs per stone.
  2. If ring has prongs and any stone is over .50ct, each such stone must have 6 prongs or more (some exceptions apply to my handmade rings).
  3. If a stone is over .50ct and has only four (4) prongs, they must be in platinum (some exceptions apply to my handmade rings).
  4. Prongs must be in good condition, not worn. (see diagrams below)
  5. If channel or bead set; beads and channels must be in good condition, not worn or thin.
  6. Can’t guarantee loss if “under gallery” is broken or missing wires or if prongs and bezels are worn. Strength is an issue.
  7. If the ring needs repair to be guaranteed, the work will need to be performed by us, regardless of our charges, to check and tighten stones (charges are laid out by Gellar's Blue Book of Jewellery Repair).
  8. The ring needs to be inspected and repaired (by us) as required on an annual basis. The guarantee is for 12 months following qualification.
  9. We cap on our diamond size responsibility for stone loss at 1 carat.
  10. If the customer has a diamond larger than 1 carat and is concerned about the value and expense in the event of loss, we would recommend a current appraisal for them and having a copy sent to their homeowners insurance to place their valued item on as a “floater”.
  11. All rings must be insured under a valid homeowners policy or under a specific policy for the ring.



 Stone Loss Guarantee
If a stone is lost during the 12 month period following inspection and qualification, there must be no sign of manipulation or aggressive, unusual wear. If everything checks out, the stone will be replaced with a similar quality, size and colour. If stone is hard or impossible to replace, the liability shall be limited to either the purchase price of the original stone (as shown on original purchase receipt or legitimate appraisal), or to the deductible on the ring owners insurance policy - whichever is less. prong-missing-prong-worn-correct.jpg