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Jewellery Repair Price Lists


Anytime you need to bring in a piece of jewellery in for repairs it's because of one or more of the following: things are wearing out, things don't fit perfectly, things don't sparkle like they used to , or you want things checked over and assured everything is perfect for another year of use.

When a customer brings in a repair, I make sure to take the time to inspect it, photograph it and show the customer (using a microscope camera attached to my laptop) what needs to be done and what is still perfectly fine.

Here's a picture of my laptop hooked up to the camera. It is currently focused on the laser engraving on the girdle of a Canadian Diamond- and you can see the serial number on the computer screen (if you zoom in).



Taking this extra time, with my customers, helps keep them informed about their jewellery and keeps everything above board and out in the open. Fears about possible diamond switching or unexpected "additional unforeseen" charges are dispelled when things are photographed, documented, and properly identified with the customer's permission. The same procedure is followed when the repair is picked up. New photos are taken, showing the repair, and all photos are compared and agreed to.

This visual inspection is very valuable. It gives me time with the customer and the opportunity to instil knowledge about their jewellery and what can be done to preserve it. It also lets me trouble shoot the ring, with the customer, for areas BEFORE they become problems.

For example, on several occasions, during this inspection, we have found worn tips and even missing prongs, where the diamond was barely staying put. One good knock and it would have popped out! Now here's the great part.... if they allow me to fix up the damaged areas, and if the ring meets certain criteria, then I will guarantee those diamonds/stones will not fall out for one full calendar year (from the time the item is picked up). And, if they faithfully bring in their ring year after year, and keep allowing me to upkeep it, I will continue to guarantee these stones as long as they abide by the terms of the policy/warranty. Read more about this policy/guarantee here: General Stone Loss Guarantee


I offer all kinds of repairs, but because I specialize in engagement rings and wedding rings, the pricelists are all to do with ring repairs. For all other repairs please use the Contact me form. The following links will bring you to the particular repair where there is a few pictures and explanations as well as the pricing info:


Sizing Rings

New Shanks (replacing thin worn out shanks)

New Tips and Prongs (that hold the stones in place)

Channel Repairs