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How I price my gems and diamonds


I try to be transparent and open with my pricing - especially in regards to gems and diamonds. There can be a lot of confusion in how retailers and manufactures can have such price variations between identical items. This is especially noticed between internet wholesalers and retail jewellery stores!


When I price out a gem/diamond for my customers, they are not just getting a loose stone. However, when my customers do their homework and search out similar gems online, they are just getting a loose stone.

Think about it. Here's an example: You could buy all the same metals and plastics that are used in building a car, for dollars. But go to a car lot and you will find all these metals and plastics- only now they are not just raw materials.....now they are constructed into a working masterpiece with full warranty (and a price tag to match)!

You can find diamonds and gems cheaper than mine, but with mine, they will be already set securely in a fully customized design. Setting stones is a risky job and things can go wrong quickly and horribly.  I am not opposed to having my customers supply me with cheaper gems, but if they do, then I cannot guarantee them during transit (to me) or during the whole manufacturing process! Be sure to read my disclaimer in the policies on supplying your own materials.

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