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Custom CAD Designs

This is the feature service and main attraction for my store. CAD/CAM (computer aided design/computer aided manufacture) is the newest and one of the best ways to design and manufacture jewellery. The CAD program, with hardware, is well over $12,000.00 as a starting point, and requires training, an artistic eye and years of practice to master. With a great combination of all the above, I can take your ideas, or collage of pictures, and design photo-realistic renders of the finished product before it is even manufactured! From here we can tweak and alter the design until you are completely satisfied. It takes all the guess work out of the design process and puts you, the customer, in complete control of the end result.

After the design is finalized, an accurate estimate of time needed and materials can be compiled and a no-nonsense quote is submitted to the customer for approval.

Because of the expertise required and the expense of the software and computers:


This fee is for the time it takes emailing, getting together with the customer, and putting together the design. It includes as much time as it takes to tweak and alter the design until the customer is completely satisfied, as well as the time needed to price out materials and collect info for an accurate quote.

Only one fee is 100% creditable towards the manufacture of the ultimate piece for the customer. Once manufacture is completed, the customer will be credited for one $150 fee as a down payment towards the manufacture of the designed piece.

If the customer decides not to have me manufacture the design, then the fee is forfeited by the customer and it is NOT useable as any credit in the store.

The fee is only usable as a credit towards its manufacture for up to 6 months from the time the quote is given. After 6 months the deposit (fee) is forfeited by the customer.

I retain utter and complete control of the copyrights and the customer, even though they contributed to the design process, waive all copyrights over to me. I shall, in no wise, be hindered from using the design as advertising or as a basis of future manufacture of similar designs.

Getting started is easy! follow this link to YOUR EXCLUSIVE DESIGN and begin the adventure of building your own custom ring!