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Canadian Diamonds — Eskimo Arctic Ice


Canadian diamonds are 100% Canadian, eh?

Why Handmade-Engagement-Rings.com uses Eskimo Arctic Diamonds

  • Mined in Canada, by Canadians
  • Processed in Canada by Canadians
  • Cut in Canada by Canadians
  • Certified by the Canadian Government
  • Appraised by the Canadian Geological Institute

No doubt, these rocks are the cream of the crop. Each one is tracked and documented with the Canadian Government and can be traced throughout its existence right to the Ekati mine in the Northwest Territories.

Each diamond (they start at .20ct and up) is serial laser engraved for future identification. Hey, who wouldn’t want peace of mind when dropping off your diamond engagement ring for repairs or cleaning….you can positively identify that your diamond is still there when you pick it up!  It is small, but with 10x magnification, it can be easily seen.


For more information on these great stones, check out the Arctic Ice website.

Perhaps these stones are out of your budget. If you`d like to check out our Trade-in and Upgrade options, go ahead and click. This way anyone can afford a great handmade engagement ring and still have the option to trade in the fake diamond rings for a real one later on.