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Fine Details, Textures and Finishes

The proper use of contrast (fine details) and filigree can create a whole symphony of eye pleasing lines and shapes in the engagement rings that catch your eye.

Most engagement rings that captivate you and knock your breath away, as the jewellery box opens, have the perfect blend of textures and finishes.

What could possibly go wrong with this picture??

Poor design.

How could a gorgeous engagement ring, that I love, have poor design, you ask?

Another great question! The difference between a gorgeous engagement ring that is poorly designed and a well designed gorgeous engagement ring is obviously not in the fact they are both gorgeous! The difference is one will only look gorgeous for a while, and the other will look gorgeous for generations!

Ok, I promise to stop using the word gorgeous.

Poorly designed engagement rings that feature fine details, and filigree will have them in all the wrong places.

Let’s back up for a second. Engagement rings and rings in general, take the most beatings. Earrings and bracelets do not see the same abuse, and as such their designs can afford to have their textures and finishes up on the high ground. Engagement rings cannot.

So what should you look for in good design that will last for generations?
1) Look for precious metal mass that protects the lower and thin areas from wear and tear. If the details are on the high ground they WILL get worn off!
2) Make sure the high ground (high spots that take the beating) are solid polished areas. As the engagement ring wears down, it will not alter the overall look of the ring. Even if you bring it in to a professional jeweller for polishing, from time to time, it will not change the look and design of the details and textures.
3) A good rule of thumb is to make sure the high spots are at least 1 millimetre wide and highly polished.